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Order Abortion Care Booklets

We are now mailing Abortion Care Booklets printed in English, Portuguese, Arabic, French, Irish, and Polish. It is our hope that you will help us distribute these to your local health care centres, women’s advocacy desks, domestic violence shelters, Citizen’s Information Centres, trade union’s or other locations where women and pregnant people might seek information.

Abortion is a workplace issue. If you are in a Trade Union please bring the booklet to the attention of your shop steward, your local union representative, the local union branch or the national equality officer. Don’t forget your employer’s HR or Employee Relations departments so that staff are informed should they encounter employees who need care options.

Please fill in the form below and consider donating the cost of postage. We appreciate your help and support!

donate securely via credit card or PayPal

Postage for 50 booklets = €9.00
Postage for 100 booklets = €11.00
Postage for 500 booklets = €22.00

Or donate any amount. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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