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How to Access an Abortion in Northern Ireland


Please beware of some judgmental crisis pregnancy agencies whose websites, social media, or advertisements you may come across.

Contact: British Pregnancy Advice Service (BPAS)

Telemedicine Abortion Service 0300 500 8086    


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If you can’t travel for an appointment because of Covid-19 restrictions

Free EMA pills are available by post for pregnancies under 10 weeks

                                                                 Your suitability will be assessed by a doctor in NI. If eligible, a booking will be made for a telephone consultation and medical assessment. Following your telephone consultation, your treatment pills will be delivered to you. If necessary, the doctor may have to refer you to a local treatment centre in the North instead.

*For Early Medical Abortion (EMA) service for pregnancies 10-12 weeks.

As EMA services for pregnancies of 10-12 weeks are not currently being provided in the North, you will need to contact BPAS if you can travel to England.                    Contact: 0333 2342184 to make an appointment with a funded abortion provider.    To qualify for FREE care/travel: you must reside in N.Ireland with a BT postcode, and be registered with a GP in the North with a BT postcode.

For Abortion services for pregnancies 12 weeks onwards.

Unfortunately as yet there is very little provision of abortion services from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards in the North. For up-to-date information

If you are told that you cannot be treated locally there are travel options:

  1. Free abortion procedures in Britain
  • Provided by British registered abortion clinics
  • Funded by the UK government to cover travel, overnight accommodation if needed, and procedure.


BPAS Central Booking System 0333 234 2184 

or Marie Stopes UK 0333 234 21.

To qualify for FREE service: you must reside in N.Ireland with a BT postcode, and be registered with a GP in the North with a BT postcode.

2. Abortion procedures accessible in Ireland

  • Provided by Health Service Executive (HSE).
  • CONTACT: or call 00353 16877044
  • Costs can range from €200-€450.

Health professionals in Northern Ireland can supply information about the above services. Those practitioners with a conscientious objection should direct women to where information is available.

For up to date information/details:-                                                                                                          bpas or call 0300 500 8086 / 0333 234 2184                                                                 Marie Stopes or call 0345 300 8090                                                                            

My Options or call 00353 16877044


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