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Letter of Support to the Polish Pro-Choice group Dziewuchy Dziewuchom

Irish judges to condemn Polish government's judicial policy


We send solidarity greetings from Abortion Access Campaign West (AAC West) Ireland.

We wish to let you know that we have been exerting pressure on our Irish Ministers, European Ministers and also the President of the European Parliament, the President of the European Commission and the European Equality Commissioner, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights for Freedom of Abortion in Poland.  

We felt compelled to take this action in international solidarity, because our own Irish experience has taught us first-hand that the dignity, equality, privacy, health and lives of women and all pregnant people is being adversely affected in line with this Court ruling. That is something we must oppose.   

We have received excellent feedback so far, including this information:

‘The Greens/EFA group along with S&D, Renew and GUE/NGL are tabling a resolution this week at the plenary sessions of the Parliament. The resolution strongly condemns the Constitutional Tribunal’s ruling and the setback to women’s SRHR in Poland, affirms that the ruling puts women’s health and life at risk, recalls that this Parliament has strongly criticised any legislative proposals or restrictions that aim to further prohibit and limit access to safe and legal abortion in Poland, thereby coming close to banning access to abortion care in Poland as most legal abortions are performed under that ground, recalls that universal access to healthcare, including access to SRHR, is a fundamental human right.’ 

In solidarity,

Abortion Access Campaign West

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