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Crisis Pregnancy Services during the COVID-19 crisis

Non-directive Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

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HSE-funded crisis pregnancy counselling services continue to be available during the pandemic restriction period. Face-to-face services have, however, had to become phone or remote support services for the duration. Contact: or call 1 800 828 010 (Freephone)

Need an abortion

Abortion services will continue to be provided during the Coronavirus emergency, with the additional availability of telemedicine if required.

HSE Telemedicine Abortion Access Service

If your pregnancy is less than 10 weeks gestation and you are unable to attend a doctor in person for an initial pre-abortion consultation because of Covid-19 restrictions you may be eligible to avail of a pre-abortion consultation by phone or video link with a doctor instead. This telemedicine service can provide for both your pre-abortion consultation and certification.

Contact: My Options or call 1 800 828 010 (freephone). MyOptions will supply you with contact details of 3 providers of abortion care via telemedicine.

If the doctor decides during the pre-abortion consultation that for medical reasons you need to have an in-person appointment instead, they will arrange this with you.

To collect the abortion pills from the doctor’s surgery, you can either pick them up yourself, three days after your pre-abortion consultation, or nominate a representative or courier if necessary. You can be no more than 9 weeks + 6 days gestation at this point.

Your post-abortion appointment can also be conducted through tele-service if necessary.

If your pregnancy is between 9 weeks + 4 days and 12 weeks gestation at the time of your pre-abortion consultation , you will be referred to a hospital after 3 days for the abortion procedure.

For further information: or call 1 800 828 010 (freephone)

Returning from Britain

When returning to  Ireland from Britain after abortion treatment during Covid 19 restrictions:- 

  • You will need to check that your return flight/crossing times have not been changed or cancelled
  • You MUST fill in a Covid-19 Passenger Locator Form:                                                                                                                                                                                          If you are aged 16 or under, and this also applies to a person/carer accompanying you, or if your child/children under 16 are travelling with you, you should include their details on your form. You can fill the form in before you travel back. If you need help ask the border personnel when you arrive back in Ireland.
  • You will have to restrict your movements for 14 days on arrival back home, and this also applies to any person/carer who accompanied you.                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Northern Ireland

For Non-directive Crisis Pregnancy Counselling Contact: or call 028 9031 6100 (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm)

Early medical abortion services are now available in the North for pregnancies under 10 weeks. Contact: Central Access Point 028 9031 6100 helpline Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm Staffed by Informing Choices Northern Ireland.

BPAS Telemedicine Abortion Access Service

If your pregnancy is less than 10 weeks gestation and you are unable to attend a doctor in person because of Covid-19 restrictions you may be eligible for the free abortion pills by post treatment. Your suitability for this service will be assessed by a doctor in NI. If you are eligible, a booking will be made with you for a telephone consultation and medical assessment. Your pregnancy must be under 9 weeks + 5 days gestation on the day of your consultation & medical assessment.

Contact: BPAS abortion pill by post 0300 500 8086 to book telephone consultation & assessment.

If necessary the doctor may have to refer you into a local treatment centre in the North instead.

Following your telephone consultation your treatment pills will be delivered direct to your door.

Abortion service for pregnancies 10 weeks gestation onwards

  • Procedures are currently still not available in Northern Ireland.
  • Procedures accessible in Britain.
  • Funded by the UK government to cover travel, overnight accomodation, and procedure.
  • Provided by British registered abortion clinics e.g. BPAS, Marie Stopes UK.

Contact: BPAS Central Booking System 0333 234 2184

Marie Stopes UK on 0333 234 2184


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