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Order ‘Accessing Abortion Care’ booklets

AACW has produced a booklet titled “Accessing Abortion Care in Ireland”. It is a simple guide to seeking and receiving abortion care, suitable for all women / pregnant people and those who care for them. The translation and printing has been generously supported by the Edge Fund, for which we are very grateful!

Front page - Irish


We have printed editions of the booklet in the following languages: English, Gaeilge, Français, Português, Polskie, Italiano, Deutsch, and also in the Arabic language.

We will distribute them to appropriate locations (such as public information areas in libraries, supportive child care facilities, social services, hospitals and universities, community centres, adult education centres, and the HR staff of large employers). If you have a location that needs some copies, please do let us know at:-

We can also mail out copies of our booklets. To have some sent to you please fill out the form below. Please also consider donating to cover postage.

donate securely via credit card or PayPal

Postage for 50 booklets = €9.00
Postage for 100 booklets = €11.00
Postage for 500 booklets = €22.00

Or donate any amount. All donations are greatly appreciated.


You can print our leaflets for your own organisation (be sure to flip them on the short side when you print). Currently we have versions in English, Gaeilge, Français, Português, Polskie, Italiano and Deutsch. (Click to download the PDFs.) Please let us know that you are making them available (at abortionaccess You can also listen to (and link to) the audio version of the booklet.

Booklet cover - Hungarian


If you are interested in translating the leaflet into a language not currently featured, please let us know.

We have several other translations in the works but let’s add yours! (at


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