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Booklet Launch

Lorraine Grimes of AACW gives the origin story of the booklet

Abortion Access Campaign West has produced a short booklet to walk you through the process of seeking and receiving an abortion in Ireland. We hope to translate this into multiple languages (currently you can find English, French, Portugese, Irish, and audio versions on our site).

We had a great time at the Launch party, hosted at the Mick Lally Theatre in Galway. Lorraine Grimes kicked off the meeting for AAC West.

Dr. Feeney highlights the struggle to provide abortion access to all

Dr. Sinead Feeney gave us a succinct and direct appraisal of the current level of services from a GP’s perspective, emphasising that though we have come a long way in a year there are still problems with the number of maternity hospitals that do not provide ToP service, takeup from GPs in some areas, and access for non-English speakers.

Dr. Sinead Feeney and Siobhan McSweeney of Derry Girls meet some fans

Siobhan McSweeney of Derry Girls gave a hilarious and impassioned few minutes about how needed this booklet is – and kept our attention on those without access, like women / pregnant people in the North of Ireland. #NorthIsNext!

And some of our Pro-Choice representatives and candidates were there to support the work, as they have done and continue to do.

Thank you, Cllrs. and candidates Colette Connoly, Pauline O’Reilly, Owen Hanley, Mairead Farrell, and Liam Boyle!

We appreciate everyone who came, and if you want to help us distribute, fund printing, or translate further versions of our leaflet please get in contact:

Mick Lally Theatre, Druid Lane, Galway

12 June 5:30-7pm

GUEST SPEAKERS: Lorraine Grimes (AAC West) Siobhan McSweeney (Derry Girls), Dr. Sinead Feeney (START Doctors)

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