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Make the National Maternity Hospital Ours Campaign

The  Sisters of Charity recently announced that the ownership of the St Vincent’s Healthcare Group is to be transferred to a new charitable body called ‘St Vincent’s Holdings CLG’. There is much consternation surrounding possible Roman Catholic Church involvement with this transfer. The influence of religious ethos could prevent procedures such as IVF, abortions and the prescription of contraception being carried out in the National Maternity Hospital.

AAC West strongly maintain that all women’s reproductive healthcare services must be available through the National Maternity Hospital, which must be fully independent of religious involvement and ethos.

With private ownership comes legal powers and privileges. Private hospitals cannot be forced to provide services that conflict with their ethos.

The National Maternity Hospital will be a key resource for women / pregnant people seeking abortion care and after care. It is crucial that NMH become national, secular, and accessible to women / pregnant people in need of abortion care and all reproductive healthcare.

AAC West are continuing to lobby governmental ministers on this issue. To get involved please sign the uplift Petition at:

Accessible abortion services mean clear pathways for secondary care.For GPs in the West ready to provide abortion care, it is necessary that hospitals accept patients for scans, tests, and any required post-abortion secondary care. But the proposal for the National Maternity Hospital places its governance under the company owned by the Sisters of Charity (SVHG: St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group), and a new private Catholic company to be set up by SVHG. 

Minister for Health Simon Harris claims the new hospital will be free of religious influence. But with private ownership comes legal powers and privileges. Private hospitals cannot be forced to provide services that conflict with their ethos.

This proposal puts the new hospital under the religious ethos of the Sisters of Charity, despite a €350 million building price tag paid from public funds. It will be able to refuse any service that might result in a woman / pregnant person choosing abortion, as well as contraceptive services that reduce the need for abortion.

An Uplift petition previously garnered enough attention to raise the issue for Harris. Let’s make it clear that we will not accept using public money for private, religiously managed hospitals.Sign the Make NMH Ours Petition

Join the Campaign Against Church Ownership of Women’s Healthcare (#MakeNMHOurs) on Facebook

For more information see:

Watch this space for updates.

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