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Abortion Access Campaign West (AAC West)

Abortion Access Campaign West (AAC West) is a women’s collective based in Galway to ensure that those who need abortion care receive it in a respectful and caring environment that meets their needs.

AAC West is particularly concerned about securing abortion services for marginalised groups and is in regular contact with GPs in the west of Ireland on how abortion services are being implemented.

If you need to access an abortion in Ireland call My Options on 00353 16877044

If you need to access an abortion in the North of Ireland call bpas on 0333 234 2184                                                                

We have designed our own easy to read booklet on how to access abortion services in the Republic of Ireland. AAC West are working hard on distributing these booklets in appropriate locations (such as public information areas in libraries, supportive child care facilities, social services, hospitals and universities, community centres, adult education centres, trade unions and the HR staff of large employers.

We welcome you to download the pdf for free or order paper booklets and leave them in public places which you think they are needed.

Our Report on the Review of Abortion Legislation

The Department of Health are currently carrying out a review of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018. For more information see here. In March 2022, the Department of Health invited members of the public and interested parties to make submissions expressing their opinion on the operation of the legislation. Members of AAC…

We Stand with the Women of Poland

AAC West appeal for Freedom of Abortion in Poland Poland has been experiencing a huge protest movement around the country over the last month in 400 cities, including Warsaw which saw over 100,000 on the streets and in small rural towns. These demonstrations are led, mostly by women, in response to the latest ruling of…

Crisis Pregnancy Services during the COVID-19 crisis

Non-directive Crisis Pregnancy Counselling HSE-funded crisis pregnancy counselling services continue to be available during the pandemic restriction period. Face-to-face services have, however, had to become phone or remote support services for the duration. Contact: or call 1 800 828 010 (Freephone) Need an abortion Abortion services will continue to be provided during the Coronavirus emergency,…

Latest Actions:
April 2022 – AAC West produced a report on the Review of the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018. The report was submitted to the Department of Health to inform the three-year review of the Act.

October 2020 – AAC West have lobbied the President of the European Parliament, all Irish MEPs, the President of the European Commission and the European Equality Commissioner, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights along with our own Ministers for Health, Foreign Affairs, Equality and Justice, against the introduction of legislation in Poland making abortion illegal on the grounds of Fatal Foetal Abnormality

November 2020 – AAC West issued a press release in support of the protests in Poland against the introduction of legislation making abortion illegal on the grounds of Fatal Foetal Abnormality

November 2020 – AAC West sent a letter of support to Dziewuchy Dziewuchom, a Polish pro-choice organisation based in Ireland.

February 2020, AAC West submitted a petition with over 10,000 signatures to the Minister for Health Simon Harris demanding free contraception in Ireland

AAC West is a member of the following local, national and international organisations:

Galway Sexual Health Forum

Galway City Community Network

National Women’s Council of Ireland

International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion

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